Uniquely Affordable Water Filter

katadyn vario

It’s Matthew again!  This filter is NOT the Lifestraw.  This is another personal filter called the Katadyn Vario Water Filter.  The Vario uses a dual piston hand operated pump to force the water through the filters into an attached bottle.  This filter can filter almost 2 liters of water per minute.  The Vario can store the water in separate bottle for later use, which is something the lifestraw cannot do!  So we’ve heard about how great the Vario is…why would I want a lifestraw?

  • The Vario costs about $85 dollars (on Amazon), the lifestraw will set you back $20
  • It’s portable but has several parts that can get lost, the lifestraw has one part, the filter straw itself
  • Some of the Vario’s filters will need to be replaced after 50 gallons, the lifestraw will last much longer
  • You can use Vario without a bottle, but you’ll need to carry an additional output hose

Storing one of these Varios in every emergency kit for your family could easily cost $300+.  Since the Vario is not a basic filter straw, you’ll want to pull it out occasionally and make sure you know how to use it.

The Lifestraw water filter is 9 inches by 1 inches.  While not exactly small enough to fit in all pockets, it will store a lot easier than most filters.  At about $20 per Lifestraw, you store away 5 of these water filters for $100.

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Uniquely Portable Water Filter

Matthew here!  I mentioned that I already have two other excellent water filters.  However, the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is absolutely unique in it’s purpose.  Just check out the giant berkey water filter on the left.

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The berkey water filter is an excellent gravity filter and has served us well for almost a year, but it isn’t going anywhere soon.  You can pour in several gallons of water and it will use gravity to slowly filter the water.  If we happen to be at home when crisis strikes, this would be perfect…but


The Lifestraw is small enough to fit in a bag or in your pocket, go anywhere, and be nearby wherever you need it.

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Lifestraw Review | Lifestraw Personal Water Filter Review

What is the Lifestraw?

  • An award-winning portable water filter that has been used by millions since 2005
  • You can use it to drink from streams, or from a  water bottle
  • Removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and surpasses EPA standards for water filters
  • Removes minimum 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites and filters to 0.2 microns
  • Filters up to 1000 liters of contaminated water without chemicals
  • Comes in a sealed bag, perfect for storing for emergencies
  • Sits high on the Amazon.com best seller list!

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I was assembling 72-hour emergency kits for our family, I had all the bases covered except for drinking water.   I already have two gravity based water filters, but they are not light weight and portable enough to be in any bag.  I needed to know how to purify water if caught away from home.  I researched for a long time before deciding to get these LifeStraws, but I am very happy with them.  They weight about 2 ounces, are made of durable food safe plastic, they can filter up to 260 gallons of water, and they allow everyone to have their own source of safe drinking water. If one person were to loose theirs, then they could share with another family member.

They’ve also been proven effective in preventing water-borne diseases in developing countries for years.  They provide highly portable water purification.  Nearly a million have been distributed in Kenya.  They filter out dangerous pathogens like e-coli, giardia, salmonella and cryptosporidium, and make water from any source safe to drink.  They are perfect for survival situations, foreign travel, camping, or even just one-day hiking trips.  Time Magazine gave Lifestraw the “Best Invention of the Year” award in 2005.

They can be used to drink from any body of water, but to protect the filter from clogging, it’s best to pour dirty water through a T-shirt to remove dirt and debris first. You could also try using a rubber band to cover the end with a coffee filter.  This will extend the life of the filter.

I like knowing our family won’t have to worry about safe drinking water if we’re faced with an emergency.

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When the filter reaches maximum life, it will not be possible to suck the water through.  It simply stops filtering.  LifeStraw filters using hollow-fiber membranes, which are small tubes with smaller pores. The pores allow water to pass, but prevent contaminants larger than 0.2 microns from passing through. As you get closer to 264 gallons or 1,000 liters, the pores will become clogged with debris and the flow stops.

The LifeStraw contains no batteries and no moving parts to break or wear out.  It is perfect for the traveler, boy scout, ultralight backpacker,  hunter, and especially for emergency preparedness.

How To Use the LifeStraw Water Filter

Filtering your drinking water is simple. With LifeStraw you can drink from puddles or streams, or you may find it easier to scoop water with your wide-mouthed water bottle and drink from it using the LifeStraw Water Filter. When new, the filter membrane is dry and must be primed.  Uncap the top and bottom and insert the base of the straw into the contaminated water, but be careful to keep the mouthpiece dry. Let it sit for 30 seconds to allow water to creep up the membrane, then quickly suck 5 times to get the water flowing. It takes about 3-5 seconds of sucking to start the water flow through the filter when the membrane is dry.
When finished drinking, blow air back down into the LifeStraw Personel Water Filter to purge the remaining water, then shake and replace the caps. If you drink from murky water and the water flow stops, blow back into it to purge the water and mud from the filter. After you return home from hiking, drink some tap water with the LifeStraw, purge the filter by blowing back into it, and leave it to dry with the caps off.
This portable water filter will not desalinate salt water, remove dissolved chemicals or minerals, nor remove viruses. If you are drinking from water which may have viruses in it (example: contaminated by sewage), pre-treat with water treatment tablets.

Additional Features:

  • No after-taste. No chlorine, iodine or other chemicals are used.
  • You can drink from your LifeStraw right away. There is no need to wait for water to drip or chemicals to act.
  • 5-year shelf life: The shelf life is not reduced if it is used occasionally and then put back in storage.

Using the lifestraw, you may be able to save your family from contaminated water, regardless of where you are when an emergency strikes!


Life Straw or Not? How important is a Portable Water Filter?

We can live 3 minutes without air, though I don’t recommend trying.  In a snowstorm or other harsh environment, you have 3 hours to survive without shelter.   After 3 days, we need water or we’ll perish.  We can make it 3 weeks without food, though I promise you that won’t be fun.

Despite this helpful rule, people have lived 8 to 10 days without water.  I recommend leaving such shenanigans to the desperate.  As 65% of the human body, water is essential to us.  Water flows through the blood, carrying oxygen and nutrients to cells and flushing waste out of our bodies.  It cushions our soft tissues and joints.

Without water as a routine part of our intake, we cannot digest or absorb food.

But you won’t have this problem if you have an accessible water filter!

If a large scale power outage occurs, water pumps will stop flowing and you’ll be dependent on surface water.  Untreated surface water in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds is not safe to drink unless it is treated to remove bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  Drinking water contaminated by these organisms can cause diseases like cryptosporidium or giardia.  Symptoms can include nausea, diarrhea, weight loss, gas, and energy loss. If you’re not at home, it doesn’t matter how much water storage and filtration that you have.

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Hello to our Lifestraw Personal Water Filter!


I can’t say that there was lot of excitement around my house about adding another water filter to our collection.  I have purchased two other water filters recently, but the Lifestraw Personal Water Filter is the only one that is flexible enough to handle most emergencies.  As a husband and father to three young kids, I feel responsible for keeping them safe in all scenarios.  Due to the importance of having clean water, I turned to the Lifestraw to provide water safety to my family.

The lifestraw was designed by Vestergaard Frandsen for people living in developing nations.  There is also a family version of this filter, but it is not yet available in the US for purchase.